One Phrase I’m Leaving Behind in 2023 + What I’m Doing Instead

“I don’t have time”. It’s something we say as moms, business owners, and even in other areas of our lives. But…it also might be the one thing holding us back from achieving our biggest dreams – for ourselves, our families, and our businesses. If you find yourself saying “I don’t have time” – then today’s episode might be exactly what you need to hear to re-frame your mindset and play a bigger game in the upcoming year. Sound like something you want? Then let’s get started.

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One Phrase I’m Leaving Behind in 2023 + What I’m Doing Instead

Well hey there and welcome back to this very first episode of the Mama Business Podcast in 2023. I hope you had an amazing holiday season and that you are excited about the year ahead. There’s something about the freshness of coming into a new year, isn’t there.

It doesn’t mean that everything from last year just ceases to exist, but there’s definitely some freedom and excitement as we think about what we might be able to accomplish in the upcoming months – if we can just stick to it, right?

And…I’ll be sharing my goals for 2023 on Thursday’s episode, so make sure to click subscribe so you don’t miss it.

But today we are ringing in the New Year on this podcast by contemplating one phrase that, I believe, holds us back in life and in business, from accomplishing or reaching our goals, and from showing up like the women we were meant to be. And that phrase is “I don’t have time.”

And that might not be true for you…but I’m going to share what I’ve found for me and I feel convicted to share because I hear this a LOT from other mamas, especially those running businesses, too – so hopefully what I’ve learned might help you as well.

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