[PEP TALK] Do You Have “Simple Offer” Guilt?

Join me for a casual chat about one misconception that plagues business owners – the idea of selling a too simple offer – and what to do about it.


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Is My Offer Too Simple?

Okay – I love detailed workshop style episodes, but I have to say that sometimes we just need a kick in the pants in the form of a pep talk. And, that’s what we are doing today. I get this hesitation from business owners all of the time and I just heard it again this week, so I thought I would take the time to share some thoughts with you.

The hesitation comes in the form of: “But…it’s just so simple…I can’t charge for that”. And, normally this is related to a service-based business model, where you are offering a service to someone and they are paying for a result.

Here’s the deal – I just don’t think there’s ever a time that there is something too simple to offer.

Of course, there are probably the outlying situations, but off the top of my head I can’t think of any and here’s why: if you had to learn it, someone else will, too, OR they will want to pay you to just do it for them out of convenience. Simple as that.

See what I did there?

Take a moment with me and think about the last time you felt overwhelmed by a task. Two weeks ago we chose to repaint my office area. That’s a great thing, right, because it means that it looks all fresh and happy. Also, it’s not the poop brown color that it was before – now it’s this pretty light blue beachy color that goes along with all of my other beach decor and makes me feel like I am sitting in a happy and bright place, even on dark days. Truly, it’s amazing how a couple coats of paint can change the entire feel of a room.

But…that gets us a little off topic.

The problem wasn’t with the process of painting. We had all of the supplies, I like to paint, and it was Spring Break, so we had the time. The issue was that my office has high ceilings in place and not only is it high, but it’s angled in a weird way. Also – I hate ladders and had no excitement about being up on one to reach the ceiling areas.

So, because I didn’t know how we were going to get that space painted, I searched, “How to paint tall walls without a ladder.”

Obviously I am not the only person who has ever needed this question answered because there were tons of search results. I clicked on the first YouTube video that came up and watched a detailed overview of my options: either I could hire a professional to do the job or I could choose to use a flat painting pad which was kinda like a sponge attached to a long extension pole. Either option would be a good one, but you can guess that the price point was wildly different.

…and here’s the deal. While I didn’t pay for that tutorial video on how to paint the wall, that piece of knowledge was incredibly valuable to me. It allowed me to paint the walls in my office, without the high price tag of a professional painter.

Now, someone could say, “Well, painting large rooms or tall ceilings is obviously a simple offer, because anyone can do it with the help of a YouTube video. So, why would a painting company even offer that service?”. There’s two reasons:

Reason #1 to Offer a Simple Service

Because, while anyone can do it, it won’t be to the quality of what a professional painting service will do. Trust me, while my office is painted and looks good from most angles, there are spots of blue paint on the ceiling now that definitely don’t belong. Why? Because I am not a professional and did not have the right equipment to get up that close to the ceiling. Also, I’m not especially skilled with a long extension pole with a brush attached to it. I’m just not. I’m sure with practice I could get better…but I’ve already run out of tall walls to paint, so that’s not likely.

…and then there’s the second reason that a painting company would offer that “simple” service and that’s…

Reason #2 to Offer a Simple Service

Because, while anyone can do it, there are people out there that just DON’T want to. They want the convenience of exchanging their money for a service done to a professional standard – you know, with someone that actually knows what they are doing.

All this to say that when you are starting to think that what you have to offer is too simple or elementary for the masses, think again. Someone needs what you have to offer AND they want to pay you for it. To them, you are solving their pain, their frustration – and they don’t see it as “simple”. They see it as a good exchange – money for their problem solved.

So, will you solve their problem, as a trustworthy person who isn’t trying to scam them into something they don’t need? Will you offer them the solution for their problem so that you can both achieve your goals? Or…will you put it on the back burner because it’s something that came easy for you?

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather offer a simple solution that gets people results than a complicated one that doesn’t. Wouldn’t you?

Just some food for thought today.

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