Want More Referrals in Business? Do This ONE Thing to Uplevel Your Game

If you aren’t getting the referrals you want in business, then it’s likely you are missing this ONE thing. Want to know what it is? Join me on today’s episode as we talk about this very topic.

We’ll answer three questions, and you’ll leave this mini-training with a strategy that will help you increase those referrals, get more clients, and make more money long-term.

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Want More Referrals in Business? Do This ONE Thing!

Well, hey there! I’m Sarah Brumley of brumleymarketing.com and I’m so excited you’re joining me for this bonus episode of the Mama Business Podcast.

The truth is that we all want more referrals in business. We want the people around us to share with their friends and family in an effort to help our businesses grow. And, more often than not, those same people WANT to share about us…but they just don’t know what to say.

You see, there’s ONE really critical part to getting referrals that most mama business owners miss. And it’s this: You have to know who you serve, why you serve them, and the result they get by working you or purchasing from you.

If you don’t know this and can’t clearly explain it to those you are talking to, then you won’t get referrals. Because it goes far beyond the type of business you have or the actual work you do.

It’s More Than a Job Description

Let me give you an example:

A client of mine runs an art gallery. If that’s all I know about her and her business, it’s going to be hard for me to share that with people. I mean, is it one of those paint while you drink a glass of wine art galleries? Is it a gallery that only hosts expensive paintings and costs a fortune to be in? Is it a gallery full of sculptures that my teenager will inevitably knock over?

Without more information, it’s very unlikely that the topic of an art gallery is going to come up in the day-to-day conversations I have with those around me.

Now, if she takes it a step further and tells me that she runs an art gallery that hosts painting classes for kids, she’s suddenly a little more on my radar. I might come across another mama at a playgroup that’s looking for a kids painting class so then I’d be able to share that. Or…I might think about it as something my own kid might enjoy.

But, if she goes even deeper with her description, I can find out that she actually runs an art gallery with the purpose of teaching art classes to developmentally disabled kids and adults as a form of therapy.

That’s specific.

That’s memorable.

In my world, I can come up with a ton of people I’m going to recommend that to, even if they don’t know they need it. Why? Because I’m the parent of kids with developmental disabilities and I know how critical this type of service is to the sanity of the parents and the well-being of the kids involved.

So, you can see the difference, right? An art gallery by itself isn’t memorable, but an art gallery that caters to kids and adults with developmental disabilities – memorable.

So, then when someone asks you what you do, you have to be specific with them, memorable, and when they come across someone who could use your product or service, they are absolutely going to share about you.

What Makes Your Offering Unique?

In my case, it could seem that I run a pretty standard marketing business and you know what, if someone asks me what I do and that’s all I say, then they don’t think about me again when someone is talking about their marketing problems. Why? Because most people won’t say they need a marketing expert.

What do they need?

  • They need to figure out how to get more clients without having to pay for ads on Facebook.
  • They need someone to help them design or fix a website for them.
  • They need someone to champion their business because they feel overwhelmed by all the things they think they need to do.

And that’s where the things I offer through my business makes me the perfect fit for them.

So, when someone asks me what I do, I can say:

“I help small business get more clients without feeling overwhelmed or having to use paid advertising. I do that through website design as well as other marketing strategies.”

It’s specific, it’s memorable.

If they run into an overwhelmed business owner – everyone knows one of those – they are going to mention my name. Also, if they hear someone say websites, I’m going to come to mind.

So, my question to you today is: what makes your business unique? What makes it stand out among the crowd? If you don’t know – now’s the time.

And it starts by answering these questions:

  • Who do you serve?
  • Why do you serve them?
  • What is the result they get by working with or purchasing from you?

…and remember…this isn’t about creating a script. It’s about knowing why someone should be excited about what you do. Because you have something that others need. It might not be the person you are talking with directly, but chances are – that person knows someone who needs your help. So, why aren’t you offering it?

Know who you serve. Know why you serve them. Know the result they get from working with you. Then, get excited about what you offer. Because if you are excited, then it’s even more likely that the person you are speaking with will want to share that excitement by referring friends, family and other contacts to you.

…and that, mama, is a win-win situation for everyone. You get more referrals in business and they get to recommend or use a service they desperately need.

Will You Get More Referrals In Business?

And that brings us to the action part of this episode. I’m a huge proponent of taking action, because action is where the dreams turn into the reality. And that’s why every Mama Business episode comes with action steps you can take immediately to up level your mama life and business. Ideally you’ll take action on all of the things we’ve discussed today, but if you only have time for one, it’s this:

ACTION: Take the time today (not tomorrow, not next week, but today) to answer those three questions. They are:

  • Who do you serve?
  • Why do you serve them?
  • What is the result they get by working with or purchasing from you?

Then, practice answering the “what do you do” question a few times while including that information.

Trust me, you won’t want to put this off because you never know who you’ll run into that will be a gold mine of referrals for your business.

I know from personal experience that I am more likely to accomplish what I set out to do if I’m accountable to someone. So DM me on Instagram and let me know what you do. Honestly, there’s nothing I love better than the opportunity to celebrate another mama business.

And…until next time, just know that I’m cheering you on. You’ve got this, mama!

Have an awesome day.

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