3 Things to Consider this Holiday Week as a Mama in Business

I know, I know – it’s one of the busiest weeks of the year, so I’m going to keep this one short. But I couldn’t resist jumping into your ears today to give you a quick reminder that no matter what your situation is this week – whether it involves family or friends or buying those last minute gifts or revenue goals that haven’t been met yet…or…whatever – it’s time to remember what’s really important. And I promise that – as fun as it might be – another post on social media isn’t going to be the thing that you’re thinking about when you look back over this holiday season. That’s why I’m giving you three things to consider this holiday week as a mama in business.

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3 Things to Consider this Holiday Week as a Mama in Business

So, I wanted to give you a couple things to think about as we move forward into what’s supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year’. And truly, I hope it is for you.

Look for Someone Alone

First and foremost, the holidays can be an incredibly lonely time for many people. For those that have lost family members that used to hold the whole production together, for those that are estranged from family and just plain for those that don’t feel like they can contribute in the same way financially or emotionally as those around them.

I’d love to challenge you this week to be on the lookout and aware of those that might need some extra support. Invite them to join you for your family dinner – without requiring them to bring something. Help them get their lights on their home. Or, surprise them with an anonymous gift. The sky is the limit with this one. But let’s make sure that we aren’t leaving someone alone during this season. It’s been lonely enough over the past few years – let’s stop that trend now.

Stick to Your Boundaries

The second thing I want to encourage you to do is to stick to your boundaries. These might include boundaries with family members or friends, but this could also be boundaries or guidelines you’ve set for yourself – around food intake or drink intake or how much sleep you are going to get or turning off your device. Whatever it is, it might be a good idea to write those things down and take a look at them at the beginning of each day so you can prioritize what’s really important to you.

Personally, I know that the holidays come with a lot of sugary foods. I know that sugar doesn’t make me feel good, so a small reminder to myself in the morning helps me start the day off with a good breakfast and choose other options for snacks at parties and while we watch our favorite Christmas movies.

So, don’t forget those boundaries.

Take Time to Enjoy the Moment

Last and finally, I want to take a moment to remind you to enjoy the moment. The little moments. To actually sit and watch your child enjoy the wonder of the season. To snuggle with your spouse. To watch the movie instead of scrolling the social media feed. To wear the matching pajamas. To bake the cookies, without concern about the kitchen being covered in flour.

If there’s one thing these past few years have taught me, it’s that we all need these moments of connection – now more than ever. We need to be able to share the memories with a smile and a laugh during those times of the year that don’t feel as good as this season does. So, take the time to enjoy the moments – the small ones and the big ones.

And with that, friend, I just want to wish you the best of Christmas seasons. Know that I am cheering you on – at home and in business and I look forward to chatting again with you next week as we press toward a new year, with new goals, new dreams, and the memories from this season tucked away and ready to bring a smile to our faces all year long.

Have an amazing week.

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