My 2023 Goals, Growth and Business Strategy as a Busy Mom

Well, 2023 is here and with it – new goals! Last week we spent five days outlining goals for the upcoming year and today, as promised, I’m sharing my own vision and goals for my family, life, and business in 2023. So, if my family, life and business strategy for 2023 is something you’re interested in – then, let’s get started.

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My 2023 Goals, Growth and Business Strategy as a Busy Mom

Welcome back to the Mama Business podcast. I’m Sarah and I’m so glad you are here. We’ve had an incredible response with regard to last week’s Goal Workshop series. I’ve been receiving emails and DMs left and right sharing goals and excitement for the next few months. That’s incredible.

If you haven’t had a chance to walk through that Workshop, I highly recommend doing so. You can grab the FREE workbook at and then head over to Episode 35 to get started.

Today, though, I’m sharing my own vision and goals for the upcoming year.

And I went back and forth as to whether this was a good idea. Mostly because, I never want to put you in a place where you feel like you need to compare yourself to me – what I’m doing in my personal life or what I’m doing in business or elsewhere. We are all at different stages in our journeys and we have different callings on our lives – so I just want to be clear about that before we jump in: we won’t have the same goals. We won’t have the exact same dreams – even if we might be moving in the same direction. Okay?

There’s a lot of merit to sharing your goals with someone else. By doing so, it allows for a little common ground as we all realize we are working toward something bigger and better, and it also allows us the opportunity to be able to celebrate our accomplishments together and troubleshoot our failures and missteps. And that’s exactly why I’m sharing my 2023 goals with you.

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