How to Structure Content that Offers Value to Your Potential Clients

So you know that you NEED to create content in order to attract your ideal clients, but you have no idea what to say or how to say it. Not to worry. Today we’re chatting about three things to consider to structure content that offers value and has your potential clients coming back for more! Sound like something you need? Well then, let’s jump in.

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How to Structure Content That Offers Value to Potential Clients

Well hey there and welcome to Mama Business. As always, I’m excited to chat with you today, but before we get started, I just wanted to ask if you’ve been getting value out of this podcast if you’d take a moment to rate and review it on whatever platform you’re listening on right now. You can just click pause and give it 5 stars and then leave a written review. It takes just a moment, but it helps the platforms share with more mamas just like you who need help growing their businesses. So, if you could do that, it would mean a lot to me. I read every single one and can’t wait to read yours as well.

Done? Awesome and thank you so much.

Alrighty, let’s jump into today’s topic which is all about how to structure content that offers value to your potential clients. And…we tend to over complicate this, especially in our minds, right? But, very simply, content is any message you share, whether that’s through the written word (like a blog), audio (like a podcast), or video (like YouTube). It’s any message you share to provide information and value to the people who consume it.

This is something that a lot of business owners struggle with, especially as they are just getting started, either because we overthink it and never actually get started OR we don’t know how to put those ideas and value together to create an impact.

I’m here to tell you that it’s definitely a skill that you can learn and excel at, if you take the time to implement the following.

But all of this hinges on having a topic to speak about. So, if you’re not sure what you might want to speak about, you’ll want to go back to episode 51 all about keyword research because it will help you clarify that very thing.

Alrighty, so what do we need in order to create content that offers value to our potential clients and customers? Well, I think it comes down to four things.

Step 1: Include a Hook or Teaser

First and foremost, you need to know why it matters to them and convey that right at the start. We can call this a hook or teaser or whatever else you might want to refer to it as, but whatever you call it this is the reason they want to keep reading, listening or watching. I do this in every podcast episode, right before the music plays. Give them a little taste of what questions you might be answering, what problems you’ll resolve, and what they’ll walk away with after consuming your content.

Let’s break down my teaser today so you can get a better idea of how this works:

I started off with a problem that my potential client might be having and I said, “So you know that you NEED to create content in order to attract your ideal clients, but you have no idea what to say or how to say it.”

So the person listening already knows that this episode is for them if they know they need to create content and aren’t sure how to do so, right?

The second thing I did was reassure them. I said, “Not to worry.” This just let’s them know that they are in good hands with me.

Then I went on to let them know what I plan to cover in today’s episode to solve their problem, “Today we’re chatting about three things to consider when it comes to structuring content that your potential clients will love.” They know exactly what they’ll get so there’s no guesswork.

And finally, I invited them to join me in diving deeper into it with, “Sound like something you need? Well then, let’s jump in.”

Simple, but it totally works. Because they don’t have to guess as to what you are offering – they either know they landed in the right place OR they know that it’s not for them and they don’t need to waste their time. Either way, they’ll thank you for it.

Step 2: Share a Story or make it Relatable

Not only does this tie you to them, because they feel some sort of connection, but stories are memorable. For example, I had multiple people reach out last week about the simple story I shared about using my tablet while standing at my out of the way counters space in my kitchen. It was memorable and they wanted to figure out how to replicate it because they could envision me doing it.

Likewise, last fall when I talked about showing up where it matters, I mentioned my family and the fact that we’d had a crisis situation at the beginning of the summer. Multiple mamas mentioned that they loved knowing that my podcast was exactly what they needed because they were going through a similar crisis-type situation. Those stories are important and they connect you to your ideal potential clients in a way that nothing else will if they can relate to you and see themselves in your shoes.

It’s about trust, right. And then when they hear about your offer or have an opportunity to work with you, they’ll be all over it because they already feel like they have that connection.

Step 3: Offer Value

Of course, that won’t be the case if you don’t follow up that story with some actual value. So, the third step in this process is to offer your reader, listener or viewer, value. For the purpose of growing an online business, this value can be provided with step-by-step tutorials, information about how to use your product, engaging ideas related to your industry, or whatever else it might be that can help your ideal client get a mini-result that makes them want to work with you in the future.

Personally, I love offering bite-sized, tactical strategy that my listeners – you! – can implement immediately. More often than not, I do it with steps or action items, but that’s not the end all. You can provide that value in any way you deem appropriate – just make sure that it’s easy to follow or you might lose people along the way.

Step 4: Finish with a Call to Action

There’s absolutely nothing worse than not knowing what to do next. So, make sure that you tell your reader, listener, or viewer exactly what they should do once they’ve finished consuming your content. Do they need to take action on what you said? Do they need to get on a call with you if they are struggling? Do they need to connect with a community of like-minded people? Whatever it is, make sure they know exactly what to do and how to make it happen. And, if you are struggling with calls to action, I actually did a whole episode on this. It’s episode 21 so you can go check that out.

Alrighty mama – quick recap: The four things you absolutely need to do in order to create content that offers value to your potential clients and customers are:

  1. Include a hook or teaser
  2. Share a story or make it relatable
  3. Offer value
  4. Finish with a call to action

Take Action: Structure Content That Offers Value

And that brings us to the action part of this episode and we all know that action is where the dreams turn into the reality. Today, I’d like you to focus on creating one piece of content that really offers value. Whether that’s a blog post, a podcast episode, a YouTube video or whatever, take the time to really think about how you can meet your potential client or customer where they are, offer them value, and then give them an action step that has them running back to you for more.

If this is something you are still struggling with, I’d love to offer you the opportunity to jump on a Mama Business Strategy Call with me. We’ll look at your current strategy, make tweaks, eliminate the unnecessary, and formulate a customized, step-by-step framework for you to follow so that you don’t have to guess as to what to do next. Because the truth is that running successful online business isn’t overwhelming if you know what to do and when to do it. If that sounds like something you need, you can schedule your call at

Just know that I’m cheering you on! Have an amazing day and I’ll chat with you next time.

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