3 Strategies to Help You Set and Maintain Boundaries with Clients

I’m not going to lie – it can be tough to set and maintain boundaries, especially when it comes to clients that are paying you that much needed income. Right? But, the truth of the matter is that if we don’t set and maintain boundaries with clients, then we will quickly find ourselves on the fast track to burnout or in a state of neglecting our family or personal responsibilities. That’s exactly what we don’t want. So today I want to give you three quick strategies to help you set and maintain those boundaries. And best of all – you can implement this immediately – even if you currently have clients and no boundaries in place. Sound like a plan? Well then let’s get started.

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3 Strategies to Help You Set and Maintain Boundaries with Clients

Well, hey there mama and welcome back to another episode of the Mama Business Podcast. I’m super excited to jump into this topic about how to set and maintain boundaries with clients, but first, I want to share a super sweet testimonial from an amazing client of mine.

Christy Mirabello says, “Sarah is awesome! She is so knowledgeable, timely and easy to work with. She helped me not just get my website up, but optimized my website’s SEO and sent me super helpful videos on how to maintain my website and make sure I keep optimizing as I update. I am continuing to work with Sarah to create landing pages and more, she is just fabulous!”

Now, if you haven’t met Christy, you should know that she helps women take back their lives after narcissistic abuse so that they can thrive. And if that resonates with you, you can head over to christyjade.com and find out more.

So, thank you Christy for those sweet words, and if you are listening and you need help getting your website or systems up and going, grab a spot on my schedule by heading to sarahbrumley.com/services to get started.

Alrighty – let’s talk about setting and maintaining boundaries with clients. This is hard. I know I said that in the introduction, but I want to reiterate that this isn’t easy. As a recovering people pleaser, I absolutely struggle with this – sometimes on a weekly basis, but it’s something that I’ve worked really hard on AND that work has made a huge difference in not only my business, but my life as a whole.

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